482xl - Connecting the 482xl
4 Connecting the 482xl
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to your
482xl. After connecting your 482xl, connect its power and then switch
on the power to each device.
To convert the audio input signals at the UNBAL IN (to the balanced audio output)
and the BALANCED IN (to the unbalanced audio output) connectors, as the
example illustrated in Figure 2 shows, do the following:
1. Connect the unbalanced audio source (for example, an unbalanced audio
player) to the UNBAL IN 3-pin terminal block connector.
2. Connect the BALANCED OUT 5-pin terminal block connector to the
balanced audio acceptor (for example, a balanced audio recorder).
3. Connect the balanced audio source (for example, a balanced audio player)
to the BALANCED IN 5-pin terminal block connector.
4. Connect the UNBAL OUT 3-pin terminal block connector to the unbalanced
audio acceptor (for example an unbalanced audio recorder).
5. Connect the 12V DC power adapter to the power socket and connect the
adapter to the mains electricity (not shown in Figure 2).
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