482xl - Overview
3 Overview
The 482xl is a high−performance audio transcoder for balanced and unbalanced
stereo audio signals. The unit has two separate channels (both function
independently; use just one channel or both channels simultaneously) that
An unbalanced audio input signal to a balanced audio output signal on one
Balanced audio is more immune to noise and interference.
A balanced audio input signal to an unbalanced audio output signal on the
other channel
In addition, the 482xl Bi-directional Audio Transcoder features:
Gain or attenuation adjustments while transcoding, to compensate for the
14dB change between IHF audio levels and the state-of-the-art balanced
DAT input levels
Very low-noise and low-distortion components
3.1 Defining the 482xl Bidirectional Audio Transcoder
This section defines the 482xl.
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