614T, 614R - Introduction
1 Introduction
Welcome to Kramer Electronics! Since 1981, Kramer Electronics has been
providing a world of unique, creative, and affordable solutions to the vast range of
problems that confront the video, audio, presentation, and broadcasting
professional on a daily basis. In recent years, we have redesigned and upgraded
most of our line, making the best even better!
Our 1,000-plus different models now appear in 14 groups that are clearly defined
by function: GROUP 1: Distribution Amplifiers; GROUP 2: Switchers and Routers;
GROUP 3: Control Systems; GROUP 4: Format/Standards Converters; GROUP 5:
Range Extenders and Repeaters; GROUP 6: Specialty AV Products; GROUP 7:
Scan Converters and Scalers; GROUP 8: Cables and Connectors; GROUP 9:
Room Connectivity; GROUP 10: Accessories and Rack Adapters; GROUP 11:
Sierra Video Products; GROUP 12: Digital Signage; GROUP 13: Audio; and
GROUP 14: Collaboration.
Congratulations on purchasing your Kramer 614T One-Fiber Detachable Optical
DVI Transmitter and 614R One-Fiber Detachable Optical DVI Receiver, which are
ideal for the following typical applications:
Digital flat panel and plasma displays used in medical, commercial and travel
Conference rooms and auditoriums
Kiosks with digital flat panel displays for presenting information
LED signboards in streets and stadiums
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