614T, 614R - Using the Detachable Optical DVI System
6. Turn ON the Power on the computer and the display device.
7. If the transmitter does not power up, connect the 5V power adapter to the
614T transmitter, and connect the adapter to the mains electricity.
You can use the power supplied through a DVI pin from the graphic cards instead of
using the power adapter. After completing the installation, if the system does not seem
to work properly, reconnect the power adapter while the system is powered.
8. Set up the screen resolution as required.
Figure 2: Connecting the 614T/614R
4.3 Avoiding Pitfalls with the 614T and 614R
Note: The 614T, 614R pair does not support XGA (1024x768)
If any of the following problems occur, we recommend:
If the display device shows only a black screen:
Check that all the AC and DC plugs and jacks used by the external power
supplies are firmly connected
Check that the DVI ports are firmly plugged into the computer and the
display device, and be sure that the transmitter and receiver modules are
correctly plugged into the computer and display device, respectively
Check if the computer and display are powered ON and properly booted
Reset the system by unplugging and then replugging the transmitter DVI port
or receiver DVI port and then reboot the system
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