DU8190Z DLP Projector - User Manual
The User's Manual describes the installation, setup and operation of the DU8190Z projector and provides assistance
to the installation personnel and the end-user to fully develop the performance of the projector. VIVITEK has made
every effort to ensure that the information in the Manual is correct at the time of printing. The contents may be
frequently updated due to the continuously product improvement and customer feedback.
You can find the latest version of the Manual and the manual of other Vivitek products on www.vivitekcorp.com.
Packing Checklist
The following items are included in the packaging box of the DU8190Z series projector. If any loss or damage to any
item, contact your dealer or Vivitek customer service department.
AC Power Cord
VGA Signal Cable
Wired Remote Cable
IR Remote Control
Anti-thief Screw (M4)
(for Lens Installation)
Users Manual Disc
RoHS Card (China)
Certificate (China)
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