DU8190Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Connecting to external HDBaseT Transmitter
The projector has a built-in HDBaseT receiver. With HDBaseT Transmitter (optional), the video, RS-232 and LAN
signals can be sent to the projector via a single RJ-45 cable. If the HDBaseT Transmitter you purchased supports the
input and output of the IR remote control, the control signals from the IR remote control can be sent to the DU8190Z
projector via the RJ-45 cable.
The projector supports the video signal, R-232, IR remote control and the reception of the network control signals
but do not support Power over Ethernet (PoE).
The baud rate will be switched to 9600 automatically. If RS232 command is sent via external HDBaseT transmitter.
If the command is sent via the HDBaseT transmitter, the longest transmission distance is 100 meters. The
projection may be interrupted or interfered, or the control signal cannot be sent if the transmission distance is
Use the RJ-45 Cat5e or above cable and avoid entwining. Entwining may cause damage or interfering signal
transmission, reduce the transmission distance and degrade the image quality.
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