DU8190Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Selecting the Input Voltage of AC Power
There is one slide switch near AC switch, pleases switch it to corresponding input voltage of AC power. Please
switch it to 115V if the input voltage range is 100V to 130V, switch to 230V if input voltage range is 200V to 240V.
Connecting to AC Power Supply
The AC power cord is included in the box; plug the power cord to the AC socket on the IO panel.
Turning on the Projector
Once the projector is correctly located and the power cable and other connections are in place, it is important that the
projector is powered on correctly in order to avoid damage to components and un-necessary wear and tear. Refer to
the following guide to power on the projector.
1. Press the main power switch to the on ( I ) position as
shown. POWER LEDs flashes then lights red.
2. Press the POWER button on the control panel or ON
button on the remote control.
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