DU8090Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Installation and Use Notices
1. Read and keep this manual properly.
2. Pay attention to all the noted warnings, and follow all the guidelines and descriptions in this manual.
3. Do not use the projector near water.
4. Do not install the equipment near the thermal sources, such as heaters, radiators, furnace, amplifiers, and any
other equipment that may generate heat.
5. Be careful while holding the equipment or moving the trolley with projector to prevent the equipment from
turning over.
6. Notice whether there is any parts with flaws after receiving the projector.
7. Please notice that the projector will not power on until the lens is fitted. The protection covering the lens should
be taken to install the lens.
8. Do not let any vent be obstructed.
9. Do not destroy the safety protection function of polarized or grounding plug of power cord. A polarized plug has
one wide and one narrow blade. The plug has two blades and one grounding blade. The wide blade or
grounding blade is provided for the safety concerns. If the plug provided does not match the outlet, please
contact the electrician to change outlet.
10. The +12V trigger only outputs 12V DC trigger signal. Do not connect other power input or output. Otherwise,
the equipment may malfunction.
11. Adjust the slide switch with suitable volt input, and then plug in the projector; the red LED indicator would flash
and then stabilize, getting into standby mode. User should only use the connectors or accessories provided by
the manufacturer.
12. When user turns on the projector, the red LED indicator would flash until stabilize. Do not look at the lens
directly while the projector is running.
13. Unplug the power cord of the equipment if there is a thunderstorm or the equipment is not going to be used for
a long time.
14. The packaging materials can be kept properly for transportation use afterwards.
15. If any breakdown occurs, please contact dealer or manufacture for qualified repair service.
Disposal of Old Electric and Electronic Equipment
The symbol on your product or the package represents that the product should not be treated as the normal
household waste when discarded but should be carried to the recycling location of the waste electric and electronic
equipment. The consequence on the environment and human health due to the incorrect disposal of the product can
be prevented if it can be ensured that the product is properly discarded. Material recycling is helpful to the protection
of natural resources. The symbol is only valid in European Union. If you want to discard electrical and electronic
equipment, contact the governmental authorities or your dealer for the correct method of disposal.
Important Recycling Instructions
The product may contain other electronic wastes and may pose risk if not discarded properly. Abide by the local,
state/provincial or federal laws of recycling or discarding. For more information, please visit the website and contact
Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) on WWW.EIAE.ORG.
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