MV-5 - Overview
3 Overview
The MV-5 is a versatile, high-performance video and graphic multi-viewer for DVI
signals, SD and HD analog signals up to 1920x1200@60Hz, and SDI signals up to
3G HD-SDI. The device can window up to four sources (plus a background) in any
layout and output the image as SDI, DVI, component and composite video signals.
Both preprogrammed and customizable screen division is supported.
In particular, the MV-5 features:
16 inputs with rapid selection and switching
An input bandwidth of up to 3Gbps which supports standard definition, high
definition and 3G high definition serial digital video signals
SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M input compliance and support for data rates
of 270Mbps, 1.4835Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 2.967Gbps and 2.97Gbps
Input-cable equalization up to 350m (1150ft) for SD signals, 140m (459ft) for
1.5GHz HD signals, and 120m (394ft) for 3GHz HD signals
SD means an NTSC or PAL compatible video format, consisting of 480 (for NTSC) or
576 (for PAL) lines of interlaced video. HD means a video format consisting of 720
active lines of progressive video or 1080 lines of progressive or interlaced video
Any format to any format cross-conversion
Any Standard to any standard cross-conversion
HDCP support on DVI inputs/outputs
Four independent chroma-key engines for each image layer
Window and image scaling, zooming (up to 1000%), and aspect ratio control
Independent layer transparency control
Brightness, contrast, color and sharpness control
Window or input label insertion
Any frozen image capture can be saved in a file (up to four still images
Recall an image from any file and represent it in any window or background
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