MV-5 - Kramer Protocol 3000
Command chain separator character
When a message string contains more than one command, a pipe ( '|' ) character
separates each command.
Spaces between parameters or command terms are ignored.
13.1.7 Entering Commands
You can directly enter all commands using a terminal with ASCII communications
software, such as HyperTerminal, Hercules, etc. Connect the terminal to the serial
or Ethernet port on the Kramer device. To enter CR press the Enter key.
( LF is also sent but is ignored by command parser).
For commands sent from some non-Kramer controllers like Crestron, some
characters require special coding (such as, /X##). Refer to the controller manual.
13.1.8 Command Forms
Some commands have short name syntax in addition to long name syntax to allow
faster typing. The response is always in long syntax.
13.1.9 Chaining Commands
Multiple commands can be chained in the same string. Each command is
delimited by a pipe character (“|”). When chaining commands, enter the message
starting character and the message closing character only once, at the
beginning of the string and at the end.
Commands in the string do not execute until the closing character is entered.
A separate response is sent for every command in the chain.
13.1.10 Maximum String Length
64 characters
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