MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Remotely
8 Configuring and Operating the MV-5
This section describes:
The Multiviewer main window (see Section 8.1)
The Menu bar (see Section 8.2)
The Quick Access Toolbar (see Section 8.3)
Using the MV-5 Multiviewer Software (see Section 8.4)
Kramer offers free control software that enables you to operate the MV-5 remotely
via a PC or serial controller using serial commands (see Section 13.1). This MV-5
Multiviewer software can be downloaded from www.kramerav.com.
The MV-5 can be operated remotely using the Kramer MV-5 Multiviewer software
via the:
RS-232 serial port (see Section 6.1)
RS-485 serial port (see Section 6.2)
Ethernet port (see Section 6.3)
The Multiviewer software requires the following:
Windows™ XP, Vista or Windows™ 7
Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5
To install the Multiviewer software, download and then run the setup file. After
installation, running the Controller software for the first time displays a window
similar to that shown in Figure 8.
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