MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
If an Image has been zoomed, (that is, horizontal or vertical values of the Image
size are greater than 100%), then cropping takes place. You can pan the Image
inside the Window in order to reveal the essential portion of the Image.
To adjust the position of the image inside a window (panning):
1. Press the Zoomed Position button.
The Zoomed Position button lights.
2. Press the required Window button to select it.
The Window button lights and the window is selected.
3. Use the left (◄) and right (►) buttons to move the Image horizontally, and
use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to move the Image vertically. If
required, press the Crop PVW button to check the image cropping using the
mask border.
The position changes in real-time.
4. Press the Zoomed Position button.
The button no longer lights.
7.2.7 Freezing and Releasing the Output
To freeze and release an Image in a Window:
1. If you want to preserve the Window layer priority, press the Window Select
2. Select the required Window to freeze.
3. Press the Freeze button.
The Freeze button lights and the Image freezes.
4. Press the Freeze button again.
The button no longer lights and the Image is no longer frozen.
5. If the Window Select button is lit, press the button to cancel the Window
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