MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
The horizontal and vertical Image sizes (Zoom) can be adjusted separately.
In this mode, the Image aspect ratio conforms to the Window; changes to the
Window cause the same changes to the Image.
Locking the Image aspect ratio while zooming the Image. To engage this
mode turn on Save Image Aspect Ratio by pressing the Zoomed Size button
and then pressing the Save Aspect button (the button lights red). It is then
possible to adjust the Image Size (simultaneously the horizontal and vertical
zoom) using only one parameter (Image Size) and the aspect ratio remains
constant but can be adjusted independently. If the Aspect Ratio (by default)
is set to 100% and changes are made to the Image Size, the Image aspect
ratio follows that of the input-signal aspect ratio.
Note: When using the locked Image aspect ratio mode, changing the Window
aspect ratio can cause essential parts of the Image to be cropped.
You can use the Crop PVW button to provide easier and more precise zooming
adjustment. If this button is pressed in Main mode (the button lights red), the top-
layer window is adjusted to conform to the exact size of the output screen.
Pressing any of the Window or Zoomed buttons causes the border mask of the
cropped image to appear on the fitted image. It is then possible to adjust the
Window or Zoomed Size and Position to see which part of the image is visible in
the window and which part is to be discarded.
This function can be used only for the top-layer window. To adjust other windows
in the Main mode, you must first select the required Window using the Windows
buttons, that is, to move the required layer to the top.
In the event that something important suddenly appears in the image, the Crop
PVW button can be used not only to see the cropping mask, but also to quickly
revert to a full-screen in the window. The Crop PVW button must be pressed while
the device is in Main mode. Pressing this button again returns the MV-5 to the
initial windows Sizes and Positions.
To adjust the horizontal and vertical Image size (Zoom) within a Window:
1. Press the Zoomed Size button.
The Zoomed Size button lights.
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