MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
6. Press the Window Size button to save the changes.
The button no longer lights, the window size is set and the display returns to
the Window/Input selection.
7.2.4 Adjusting the Position of a Window
The horizontal and vertical position of each window can be modified.
To adjust the position of a window:
1. Press the Window Position button.
The Window Position button lights.
2. Select the required window by pressing one of the Windows buttons.
The selected Windows button lights.
3. Use the left (◄) and right (►) arrow buttons to move the window
horizontally, and the up (▲) and down (▼) arrow buttons to move the
window vertically.
The display changes in real-time.
4. Press the Window Position button.
The button no longer lights.
7.2.5 Zooming into an Image in a Window
If an input image contains an area that is essential and must be displayed in the
output window while the rest of the image can be discarded, you can use Image
Zooming to accomplish this. Image Zooming provides adjustment of image size
relative to the Window size.
You can change the Image size and aspect ratio independently inside each
window relative to the window size and aspect ratio. The image size (that is, the
zooming) is adjustable between 100% (the Image just fits the Window) to 1000%
(10 times the original Image size). If the window size or aspect ratio changes then
the Image size changes in such a manner that the Image remains the same inside
within the window.
There are two ways to change the Image size and aspect ratio (Zoom):
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