MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
When the window aspect ratio is locked, (for example, at 100%), then any change
to the window size leaves the output screen aspect ratio the same. This can be
used in a situation where for example, the output monitor connected to the MV-5
has a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, (that is, 1.77) and the window aspect ratio is set
to 75%. The resulting aspect ratio of this window is 1.77 x 0.75 = 1.33 (that is, 4:3).
If there is a need to correctly represent a 4:3 format, (for example, PAL) on a 16:9
screen, the window aspect ratio must be set to about 75%, and visa versa; to
represent HD video format (16:9) on an SDTV monitor (4:3), set the aspect ratio to
about 133%.
The broad range of aspect ratio adjustment on the MV-5 allows for a wide range of
different PC graphic input and output resolutions.
In addition to adjusting the size of the window, it is also possible to adjust the size
of the image within the window. If a window image is not zoomed and Save Image
Aspect Ratio is not active (see Section 7.2.5), then changing the window size or
aspect ratio results in the window image changing its size and aspect ratio to
match the window changes.
If it is necessary to retain the window image size and aspect ratio independent of
any change in size or aspect ratio of the window, then turn on Save Image Aspect
The example shown in Figure 7 illustrates image position and scaling.
Figure 7: Image Position and Scaling Example
In the example in Figure 7, In has been set to 300,150 as its top-left source
coordinate, with a size of 750,400. Out has been set to 50,50 (that is, close to the
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