MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
2. Press Windows button 4.
The Windows button 4 lights.
3. Press SDI Inputs button 1.
The SDI Inputs button 1 lights and SDI Input 1 is assigned to Window 4.
4. Press the Windows Select button.
The Windows Select button no longer lights.
7.2.2 Setting Window Layer Priority
Each window can be assigned a layer priority.
To assign a window a layer priority (for example, Window 3 to priority 1):
1. Press the Layers Def button.
The Layers Def button lights and a window and its current priority are
2. Press the Windows button 3.
The Windows button 3 lights.
3. Use the left (◄) and right (►) arrow buttons to cycle through to priority 1.
4. Press the Layers Def button to save the changes.
The button no longer lights, Window 3 is set to priority 1 and the display
returns to the Window/Input selection.
7.2.3 Changing the Size and Aspect Ratio of a Window
You can change the size and aspect ratio of each window independently. Window
size can be adjusted from 10% to 100% (full screen) of the screen size.
There are two ways to change the windows size:
Adjusting the horizontal and vertical window size separately (thereby
possibly altering the window aspect ratio).
Locking the aspect ratio and adjusting the horizontal and vertical sizes
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