MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
7. If desired, use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to navigate to the other
window number, to recall the next image and repeat items 5 and 6.
8. Press Menu to exit the sub-menu.
The display changes to show the Window Configuration sub-menu.
9. Press Menu again to exit the menu.
The display changes to show the default Window-Input configuration.
7.2 Operating the MV-5 Using the Front Panel Buttons
This section describes:
Assigning inputs to windows (see Section 7.2.1)
Setting window layer priority (see Section 7.2.2)
Changing the size and aspect ratio of a window (see Section 7.2.3)
Adjusting the position of a window (see Section 7.2.4)
Adjusting the image zooming degree inside a window (see Section 7.2.5)
Adjusting the image panorama inside a window (see Section 7.2.6)
Freezing and releasing the output (see Section 7.2.7)
Locking and unlocking the front panel buttons (see Section 7.2.8)
Resetting the device to factory defaults (see Section 7.2.9)
7.2.1 Assigning Inputs to Windows
To assign an input to the top-layer window when its button is lit, (for
example, DVI Input 3 to Window 2):
Press DVI Inputs button 3.
The DVI Inputs button 3 lights and DVI Input 3 is assigned to Window 2
To assign an input to a non top-layer window when its button is not lit, (for
example, SDI Input 1 to Window 4) without affecting the layer priorities:
1. Press Windows Select button.
The Windows Select button lights red.
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