MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
3. Press Enter.
The “Save Window 1 frozen Image” option is displayed.
4. Use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to navigate to the desired window
number, from which to capture the image.
5. Use the left (◄) and right button (►) to navigate to the desired file name in
which to save the Image.
6. Press Enter.
The LCD shows “Please wait while flash erasing”. After about 20 sec the
LCD shows “Saving Progress” as a percent of the whole time. When
finished, LCD shows “Image saved successfully”
7. If desired, use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to navigate to another
window, from which to capture the next image and repeat items 5 and 6.
8. Press Menu to exit the sub-menu.
The display changes to show the Window Configuration sub-menu.
9. Press Menu again to exit the menu.
The display changes to show the default Window-Input configuration.
7.1.9 Recall Image Sub-menu
Use the Recall Image sub-menu to select a source file from which to recall a
stored still image and to select the destination window or background that
represents this image. Recall time depends on the stored image resolution and
varies from about 5 sec (low-resolution standards) to 20 sec (high-definition
standards). Any image can be recalled consecutively to different windows or
background and can be presented there simultaneously.
Note that after powering off/on the unit, any recalled images are restored. The time
of initialization after power up depends on the number of windows with recalled
images and their resolution. The time can vary from 12 sec (with no recalled file),
16 sec with one PAL resolution file, 30 sec with one 1920x1080 file, to 110 sec
with all windows and background recalling simultaneous HD images. All recalled
images can be adjusted (contrast, color, sharpness and so on) or resized and
positioned, or used for chroma-key layer.
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