MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
Label Mode:
Sets the label mode for the selected
No Window Label, Black WND
Label, White WND Label, Black
Inp Label, White Inp Label,
DefaultNo Window Label
Label Position:
Sets the label position for the
selected window
Bottom Left, Bott Center, Bott
Right, Top Left, Top Center,
Top Right
DefaultBottom Left
The keyer engine allows you to overlay one image on top of another. A keyed
image is one image that is superimposed over another, such that portions of the
top image are made transparent (keyed out) so that the background image can
show through. The keyer settings allow you to vary the color(s) that are keyed out.
Window labeling allows you to turn on or off an identifying label that appears in the
border of a window. For a label to be displayed, the border must be turned on and
also must be of a contrasting color to the label text.
To set the Window Border Color Red value:
1. Press Menu.
The last used sub-menu is displayed.
2. Use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to navigate to the Window
Configuration sub-menu.
3. Press Enter.
The Window Configuration Contrast option is displayed.
4. Using the Windows buttons, select the window to be modified.
The selected window is displayed.
5. Use the up (▲) and down button (▼) to navigate to the Color R-Value
6. Use the left (◄) and right (►) buttons to select the red value.
7. Press Enter.
The current setup is saved.
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