MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
No Signal Handle
Sets the operation when
no input signal is present
Black Screen, Blue Screen, Remove Window,
Freeze Last Picture
DefaultBlack Screen
RGB Analog
Output Sync Mode
Sets Analog Output Sync
CEA Standard, Inverse 1, Inverse 2
DefaultCEA Standard
RGB Analog
Output H Sync
Sets Analog Output H
Sync Position (in pixels)
75 to 75
RGB Analog
Output V Sync
Sets Analog Output V
Sync Position (in lines)
1 to 7
Assigns DVI Output
HDCP mode
Follow Output, Follow Input, HDCP on Output:
“ON”, HDCP on Output: “OFF”
DefaultFollow Input
HDCP is the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection system which is designed
for protecting AV content from being copied. The DVI inputs (four for windows and
one for the background) can accept HDCP protected signals. In order to meet all
HDCP requirements and to support the multi-window features of the MV-5, there
are various methods for handling different cases involving of input and output
HDCP encrypted signals.
Using the Output Configuration Sub-menu, it is possible to select the following
HDCP output modes:
1. Follow Input. If at least for one active window which carries an HDCP
protected DVI input signal is selected, then on the DVI output HDCP
encryption is turned on and simultaneously all others outputs (SDI and
Analog) are forced to mute in order to meet HDCP license requirements. If a
window with a DVI input with HDCP protection is selected, then in the case
of the Main Mode of the MV-5, (that is, when the LCD shows WIN1, WIN2,
WIN3, WIN4), then a small label appears to the left of WINx showing two
vertically placed symbols c and p, (content protection). In order to indicate
the same HDCP status for the background DVI input, a different label is used
which looks like a triangle at the bottom left hand side of the LCD.
If the DVI output of the MV-5 is connected to a video acceptor that does not
support HDCP, then all output formats that do not carry the HDCP protected
input signal are available, but not those outputs which do carry the HDCP
protected signal (for example, DVI, SDI and Analog). This output window is
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