MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
7.1 Configuring the MV-5 Using the Menu
The menu is displayed on the character display when the Menu button is pressed.
Navigation through the menu is performed as follows:
MenuEnter the Menu or move up one level in the menu hierarchy
EnterEnter the selected parameter or accept the displayed
Up (▲)—scroll up through the Menu/parameter/value list
Down (▼)—scroll down through the Menu/parameter/value list
Left (◄)—decrement the current value or move left through the options list
Right (►)—increment the current value or move right through the options list
The main menu comprises the following sections:
Load Setup Sub-menu (see Section )
Save Current Setup Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.2)
Input Configuration Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.3)
Output Configuration Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.4)
Window Configuration Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.5)
Input Signal Status Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.6)
System Parameters Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.7)
Save Image Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.8)
Recall Image Sub-menu (see Section 7.1.9)
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