MV-5 - Configuring and Operating the MV-5 Locally
Pressing any of the following buttons puts the device into the Adjustment mode:
Layers Def
Window Select
Window Size or Position
Zoomed Size or Position
The device remains in Adjustment mode as long as one of these buttons is lit red.
Note: In the Adjustment mode, pressing Windows buttons does not affect layer
priorities, but only selects a window to adjust, that is, it makes this window active.
(If the selected window was initially invisible it remains invisible while it is being
It is possible to modify multiple parameters immediately following one another. For
example, if the Window size is modified, you can press another button immediately
in order to modify the Window position. It is also possible to modify the same
parameter for another Window without returning to Main mode.
To return to the Main mode (that is, the default window input configuration), press
any of the buttons listed above that light red. Following this, initial window priorities
are restored and the initial Window button lights only if the Window priorities were
not specifically changed while in the Layer Def mode.
Using the Layer Def button, you can then set the priority of any layer (0 to make it
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