MV-5 - Connecting the MV-5 5 Channel Multiviewer
2. Connect up to 12 composite, six YC or three YUV SD video sources, (for
example, component and CV composite video players) to the Analog SD
INPUTS BNC connectors.
3. Connect the RGB/Comp OUT BNC connectors to an analog HD or SD video
acceptor, (for example, an RGB/YUV video recorder).
4. Connect up to four DVI sources, (for example, computer graphics sources)
to the DVI In connectors.
5. Connect up to four SDI sources, (for example, a 3G HD-SDI camera and an
SDI player) to the SDI In BNC connectors.
6. Connect the SDI Out BNC connectors to up to two SDI acceptors (for
example, an HD-SDI non-linear editor).
7. Connect a DVI source, (for example, a computer graphics source) to the
Background DVI In connector.
8. Connect the DVI Out connector to a DVI acceptor, (for example, a display).
9. If required, connect a controller to the:
RS-232 port (see Section 6.1)
RS-485 port (see Section 6.2)
Ethernet connector (see Section 6.3)
10. Connect the power cord and power the device on.
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