DLP ProjectorUser’s Manual
Adjusting the horizontal image position
With the lens in the center position the horizontal image position can be adjusted to the left or right
by up to a maximum of 5% of the image width. Note that the maximum horizontal image height
adjustment can be limited by the vertical image position. For example it is not possible to achieve
the maximum horizontal image position if the vertical image position is at maximum. Please
consult the Shift Range diagram below for further clarification.
Wx5% Wx5%
Shift Range Diagram
When W and H at 0% offset position
The max. H up shift=Hx55%
The max. H down shift=Hx15%
The max. W shift=Wx5%
When max. W shift is Wx5%
max. H shift=Hx50%
When max. H shift is Hx55%
max. W shift=Hx0%
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