VP-200K, VP-300K, VP-400K - Connecting the VP-300K
5 Connecting the VP-300K
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to your
product. After connecting your product, connect its power and then
switch on the power to each device.
To connect the VP-300K as illustrated in the example in Figure 4:
1. Connect a computer graphics source to the INPUT 15-pin HD connector.
2. Connect the OUTPUT 15-pin HD connectors to up to three acceptors (two for
the VP-200K and four for the VP-400K), as follows:
Connect the OUTPUT 1 connector to acceptor 1 (for example, a
Connect the OUTPUT 2 connector to acceptor 2 (for example, an LCD
Connect the OUTPUT 3 connector to acceptor 3 (for example, a
3. Connect the 5V DC power adapter (wall transformer) to the 5V DC socket
and connect the transformer to the mains electricity.
4. If required, set the:
Hs and Vs switches
ID Bit switch to ON
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