VM-4UHD - Connecting the VM-4UHD
4 Connecting the VM-4UHD
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to
your VM-4UHD. After connecting your VM-4UHD, connect its power
and then switch on the power to each device.
You do not have to connect all the inputs and outputs, connect only
those that are required.
Connect the VM-4UHD as illustrated in the example in Figure 2:
1. Connect an HDMI input source (for example, a DVD player) to the
HDMI IN connector.
2. Connect the four OUTPUT connectors to up to four HDMI acceptors, as
Not all outputs need to be connected.
HDMI OUT 1 connector to HDMI acceptor 1 (for example, an LCD
HDMI OUT 2 connector to HDMI acceptor 2 (for example, plasma
display 1)
HDMI OUT 3 connector to HDMI acceptor 3 (for example, plasma
display 2)
HDMI OUT 4 connector to HDMI acceptor 3 (for example, plasma
display 3)
3. Connect the 5V DC power adapter to the power socket unit and then
connect the adapter to the mains electricity (not shown in Figure 2).
The ON LED lights.
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