VM-4UHD - Getting Started
2 Getting Started
We recommend that you:
Unpack the equipment carefully and save the original box and packaging
materials for possible future shipment
Review the contents of this user manual
Go to www.kramerav.com/downloads/VM-4UHD to check for up-to-date
user manuals, application programs, and to check if firmware upgrades are
available (where appropriate).
2.1 Achieving the Best Performance
To achieve the best performance:
Use only good quality connection cables (we recommend Kramer high-
performance, high-resolution cables) to avoid interference, deterioration in
signal quality due to poor matching, and elevated noise levels (often
associated with low quality cables)
Do not secure the cables in tight bundles or roll the slack into tight coils
Avoid interference from neighbouring electrical appliances that may
adversely influence signal quality
Position your VM-4UHD away from moisture, excessive sunlight and dust
This equipment is to be used only inside a building. It may only be
connected to other equipment that is installed inside a building.
2.2 Safety Instructions
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