VM-4UHD Protocol 3000
7.1.5 Bidirectional Definition
All commands are bidirectional. That is, if the device receives the code, it
performs the instruction. If the instruction is performed (due to a keystroke
operation on the front panel or IR controller) these codes are sent to the PC or
other RS-232 / Ethernet / USB controller.
7.1.6 Command Chaining
Multiple commands can be chained in the same string. Each command is
delimited by a pipe character ('|'). When chaining commands, enter the
message starting character and the message closing character once only,
at the beginning of the string and at the end.
Commands in the string do not execute until the closing character is entered.
A separate response is sent for every command in the chain.
7.1.7 Maximum String Length
64 characters (except for special commands that are defined in the command
syntax description).
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