VM-4UHD - Protocol 3000
Message starting character
'#' - For host command/query
'~' - For machine response or machine command performed by keystroke
operation on the front panel or IR remote controller.
Device address (Optional when directly connected to the device)
K-Net Device ID or MACHINE NUMBER followed by '@'
(ex. #02@CR LF )
Query sign
'?' follows some commands to define a query request.
All outputs sign
'*' defines all outputs.
Message closing character
CR - For host messages; carriage return (ASCII 13)
CR LF - For machine messages; carriage return (ASCII 13) + line-feed (ASCII
Command chain separator character
When a message string contains more than one command, a pipe ('|')
character separates each command.
Spaces between parameters or command terms are ignored.
7.1.4 Entering Commands
You can directly enter all commands using a terminal with ASCII
communication software, such as HyperTerminal, Hercules, etc. Connect the
terminal to the serial, Ethernet, or USB port on the Kramer device. To enter
CR, press the Enter key. (LF is also sent but is ignored by the command
For commands sent from some non-Kramer controllers such as Crestron,
some characters require special coding (such as, /X##). Refer to the controller
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