VM-4UHD - Connecting the VM-4UHD
4.1 Acquiring an EDID
To acquire an EDID, press the EDID SETUP button as follows:
1. The first press of the EDID SETUP button displays the present EDID
status similar to that shown in the next step.
2. The second press of EDID SETUP enters the read mode and each
additional press cycles through the source options:
OUT 1 -> OUT 2 -> OUT 3 -> OUT 4 -> all LEDs flash for a default
3. When the desired EDID source is reached, release the EDID SETUP
The VM-4UHD reads the EDID for a few seconds. When finished, all
LEDS return to display the present output connection status.
If an unconnected output is chosen or the EDID cannot be read, the VM-4UHD
loads the default EDID.
The VM-4UHD toggles between “Normal” and “Force RGB” modes.
In “Force RGB” mode, the read EDID is rewritten to identify only RGB support.
To toggle, press the EDID button for three seconds.
After setting Force RGB mode you must re-acquire the EDID to update
the Force RGB change.
Powering on the device identifies the mode as follows:
In “Normal mode” (meaning no forcing RGB), the LEDs flash once
In “Force RGB mode”, the LEDS flash four times.
Note: Force RGB modifies the EDID saved on the input to not support YUV format.
In case of a pink display, use the Force RGB mode.
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