Galil 4-C Overview
3 Overview
The Galil 4-C Closed-back Ceiling Speaker consists of a pair of high performance
closed back speakers. Mount your Galil 4-C speakers to the ceiling in one of two
ways: either directly onto the ceiling or, for added protection, secure the speakers
safely, using our ceiling mounting kit that is provided free (see Section 5.3).
The Galil 4-C speakers feature a multi-tap power transformer for selecting 8Ω
(bypassing the transformer) or 70V/100V power settings that are suitable for an
array installation.
Figure 1 shows an example of how the Galil 4-C Closed-back Ceiling Speaker can
be installed in a boardroom setup:
Figure 1: Galil 4-C Closed-back Ceiling Speaker in a Boardroom Setup
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