Galil 4-C Installing the Galil 4-C
Figure 7: Adjust Tap Selector
11. Install the grilles to the speakers:
Push the grille fastener into the hole in front of the baffle
Press the grille into place until the front of the grille is flush with the rim
of the baffle
Check that the grille is securely seated
To remove the grille, insert two bent paper clips into the holes in the
grille and carefully pull it down. Repeat this around the perimeter of
the grille until it is completely removed.
5.4 Setting up an Array Installation
When installing Galil 4-C in an array installation layout, you have to define the
distance between speakers as well as the layout pattern (square or hexagonal).
The distance between speakers is set according to the speakers’ dispersion
angle, the uniformity of the coverage desired and the budget.
The coverage angle of the speaker determines the coverage area and the number
of speakers required in the array installation. Two patterns are usually used for
array installations, square (see Figure 8) or hexagonal (see Figure 9), depending
on the shape of the installation area. The speakers are positioned according to
their coverage area.
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