Galil 4-C Installing the Galil 4-C
5 Installing the Galil 4-C
This section explains how to install the Galil 4-C closed-back ceiling speakers,
that is:
Choosing the best place to locate your speakers (see Section 5.1)
Cutting the ceiling tile (see Section 5.2)
Mounting the speakers (see Section 5.3)
Setting up an array installation (see Section 5.4)
Painting the speakers (see Section 5.5)
5.1 Choosing the Best Location
Ideally, locate the speakers above the main listening area. Before doing so, be
sure that:
The desired location is free of obstructions, such as electrical piping, AC
ducts or water lines, and so on
There is enough space behind the mounting surface for the speakers
The rear side of the speaker is not blocked by wall studs or other objects
5.2 Cutting the Ceiling Tile
To cut the ceiling tile, do the following:
1. Remove the circle in the supplied template.
Keep this template for later use as a mask, as you may want to paint the speakers (see
Section 5.5)
2. Mark the opening in the correct location by tracing the hole in the template.
3. Cut out the hole according to the template or with a circular cutter set to the
appropriate cutout size.
Initially, you can cut a smaller area inside the marked hole just to be sure that the
space above the speakers is clear
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