4 PT-101DP - Overview
3 Overview
The PT-101DP is a repeater for DisplayPort video signals. The unit reclocks and
equalizes the signal enabling multiple units to be cascaded and can extend the
length of a DisplayPort line up to 35 meters (115ft) at resolutions of UXGA/1080p
using Kramer cables.
The PT-101DP features:
A data rate of 1.62 Gbps or 2.7Gbps per lane
HDTV compatibility
HDCP compliance
Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking™ Technology that rebuilds the digital
signal to travel longer distances
3.1 About DisplayPort
DisplayPort (DP) is a digital display interface standard for the PC industry. It delivers
the highest resolutions and sound quality.
In addition, DisplayPort:
Provides a simple interface between a PC and a display, projector or TV
Supports 1 to 4 data pairs ("lanes") at a transfer rate of either 1.6Gbps or
2.7Gbps (device dependent) per lane
Has a maximum length of 35m (115ft) for video transmission at a resolution
of 1080p/60Hz
Video specs include a video path that supports 6 to 16 bits per color
channel, a maximum resolution of 2560x1650 pixels and a total maximum
bandwidth of 10.8Gbps over four lanes. (Transmission length is
compromised when exceeding 1080p/60Hz resolution)
Is backward-compatible with HDMI, DVI (Digital Visual Interface) and VGA,
via an appropriate adapter
Version 1.1 supports HDCP
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