DLP Projector – User’s Manual
– 54 –
RS-232C Protocol
Note: Not all functions are available for all models due to different series.
RS232 Setting
Baud rate: 9600
check: None
Data bit: 8
Stop bit: 1
Flow Con-
trol None
Minimum delay for next command: 1ms
Control Command Structure
The command is structured by the Header code, command code, data
code and end code. Most of the commands are structured except some
for the compatibility issue with other projectors.
Header code Command code Data code End code
HEX 7Eh Command Data 0Dh
ASCII ‘~’ Command Data CR
Control Sequence
The projector may send a return code after it received a command. If the command isn’t
received correctly, the projector will not send the return code
Operation Command
The operation commands execute the basic operation setting of this projector.
Operation ASCII HEX
Power On
~ P N CR
7Eh 50h 4Eh 0Dh
Power Off ~ P F CR 7Eh 50h 46h 0Dh
Auto Image ~ A I CR 7Eh 41h 49h 0Dh
Lamp Hour Reset ~ R L CR 7Eh 52h 4Ch 0Dh
Input Select RGB ~ S R CR 7Eh 53h 52h 0Dh
Input Select RGB2 ~ S G CR 7Eh 53h 47h 0Dh
Input Select DVI ~ S D CR 7Eh 53h 44h 0Dh
Input Select Video ~ S V CR 7Eh 53h 56h 0Dh
Input Select S-Video ~ S S CR 7Eh 53h 53h 0Dh
Input Select Component ~ S Y CR 7Eh 53h 59h 0Dh
Input Select HDMI ~ S H CR 7Eh 53h 48h 0Dh
Input Select Wireless ~ S W CR 7Eh 53h 57h 0Dh
Power On command will only word at system standby.
CR :
Carriage Return.
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