DLP Projector – User’s Manual
Advanced Feature
Press the Menu button to open the OSD menu. Press ◄► to move to the Installation II menu.
Press ▲▼ to move to the Advanced menu and then press Enter or . Press ▲▼ to move up and
down in the Advanced menu. Press ◄► to change values for setting.
OSD Menu Setting Press Enter / to enter the OSD setting menu. See page 31 for more information on OSD
Menu Setting.
Peripheral Test Press Enter/ to enter the Peripheral Test menu. See page 31 for more information on
Peripheral Test.
Lamp Hour Reset After replacing the lamp, this item should be reset. See page 32 for more information on Lamp
Hour Reset.
Low Power Mode Press ◄► to turn Low Power Mode on or off.
3D Press ◄► to disable or enable different 3D modes.
RS232 Press ◄► to select RS232 (remote) or Network (LAN) mode depending on projector connec-
tion method.
Network Press (Enter) / to enter the Network menu. See page 33 for more information on
To enjoy the 3D function, first enable the Play Movie in 3D setting found in your DVD
device under the 3D Disc Menu.
– 30 –
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