User Manual
Step I: Register Your Product
You must register your product to activate the 1-year warranty. It’s quick and
Most return policies only allow for a defective product to be returned within 14 – 30 days after
the date of purchase… and most issues that happen due to defects in material and
workmanship have a knack of happening after this return period has ended. We have seen the
sad-puppy look on customers’ faces for too long and understand how upsetting it is to spend
your hard-earned dollars on something that stops working after a few weeks! That’s why
Alpatronix’s Ironclad Warranty will protect you for a whole year against all defects in material
and/or workmanship. So register your product at www.alpatronix.com/register to activate
your warranty and rest easy that you are covered no matter what the return policy is where you
purchased your product!
If you have a defective product and need us to take care of you, email us at
support@alpatronix.com and rest assured that our support team will make this a quick and easy
process with as little pain as possible.
Step II: Place your iPad into the case
* Slide your iPad into the case
* Close the Velcro Strap to prevent the iPad from slipping out.
* Place the case into a comfortable position
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