VP-425 - Overview
3 Overview
The Kramer VP-425 PC / Component to HDMI Scaler is a high-performance digital
scaler for computer graphics and HDTV signals. It up- or down-scales the PC or
component video input and embeds the stereo audio into the HDMI output.
The VP-425 PC / Component to HDMI Scaler also features:
A non-HDCP encrypted HDMI or DVI output signal on an HDMI connector
HDTV Compatibility
A maximum resolution of up to WUXGA and 1080p
A built-in ProcAmp for convenient signal adjustment
On-Screen Display (OSD) for easy setup and adjustment, accessible via the
front-panel buttons
A USB port for firmware upgrade
A non-volatile memory that retains the last settings used
A freeze button
An external 5V DC power source, making it suitable for field operation
You can control your VP-425 directly via the front panel push buttons and the
on-screen display (OSD).
The VP-425 is housed in a compact MegaTOOLS™ enclosure, letting 2 units to be
rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-T2B universal
rack adapter.
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