VA-2H - Overview 3
3 Overview
The VA-2H is a diagnostic and debugging tool for installers working with HDMI
devices. The unit can switch three different EDIDs to the HDMI input. A software
editor lets you manipulate various parameters of the EDID via the unit's USB port.
The VA-2H features:
A maximum data rate of up to 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel)
An input resolution of up to 1080p @60Hz 36bit
HDCP 1.1, and DVI 1.0 compliance
HDMI support for Deep Color, x.v.Color™, Lip Sync, HDMI Uncompressed
Audio Channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD
I-EDIDPro™ Kramer Intelligent EDID Processing™, an Intelligent EDID
handling and processing algorithm that ensures Plug and Play operation for
HDMI systems
Three EDID parameter modes monitor, default and user
Input, output and HDCP LED indicators
Application software for manipulating the EDID data
The last EDID mode (Monitor, Default or User) is saved in case of a sudden
power interruption
3.1 Defining EDID
The Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a data-structure provided by a
display, to describe its capabilities to a graphics card (that is connected to the
display’s source). The EDID enables the VS-41HDCP to “know” what kind of
monitor is connected to the output. The EDID includes the manufacturer’s name,
the product type, the timing data supported by the display, the display size,
luminance data and (for digital displays only) the pixel mapping data.
EDID is defined by a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards
Association (VESA).
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