18 VA-2H - The EDID Designer
Command Set Device Mode As if pressing the SELECT button, sets the device mode to
Output, Default or User
Load EDID from Loads the EDID to the EDID Designer from Output, Default
,User or Input
Download EDID to Loads the EDID from the EDID Designer to the In Port or
User memory
Security Mode With HDCP passes HDCP encoding, Without HDCP turns
off HDCP encoding for 60 seconds only to allow the signal
that is not encoded to pass
Reset Resets the device
View Extended View Expands the window to show the EDID definition tabs
Limited View Shrinks the window to hide the EDID definition tabs
Edit EDID Select read only/modify
Byte Viewer Displays the Byte Viewer window
Help About Displays the version of the EDID Designer
6.3.2 Toolbar Buttons
The following table describes the toolbar buttons of the EDID Designer.
Creates a new EDID for editing
Opens an existing EDID from the disk
Saves the current EDID to the disk
Displays the Byte Viewer window to edit the hex codes
Toggles Read-only/Modify, to disallow or allow editing of the EDID
Connects or disconnects the USB connection to the computer
6.3.3 Status Section
The following table describes the status section of the EDID Designer.
Device Status Indicates if the USB connection has been detected or is disconnected
Input EDID Source Indicates the EDID source
Security Mode Indicates if HDCP is active or blocked (for 60 seconds)
Input Signal Indicates if active or inactive
Output Signal Indicates if active or inactive
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