VA-2H - The EDID Designer 17
Figure 4: EDID Designer Main Window Extended View
The main window contains the following elements:
Menu commands, see
Toolbar buttons, see
Section 6.3.1
Status section, see
Section 6.3.2
Section 6.3.3
EDID definition tabs and EDID parameters, see
Online status, see
Section 6.3.4
6.3.1 Menu Commands
Section 6.3.5
The following table describes the menu items of the EDID Designer.
File Connect USB Connects or disconnects the USB
New EDID Creates a new EDID
Open EDID Opens an existing EDID
Close EDID Closes the existing EDID without saving
Save EDID Saves the current EDID
Save EDID as… Saves the current EDID with a different name or to a new
location on disk
Exit Closes the EDID Designer
Menu Commands
Toolbar Buttons
Status Section
EDID Definition
Online Status
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