VA-2H - The EDID Designer 9
6 The EDID Designer
The EDID Designer is a PC-based program for use with the VA-2H.
It lets you create, modify and save EDIDs on the computer and to download the
EDID to USER memory and operate the VA-2H. It gives the AV technician a
strong and flexible troubleshooting tool for diagnosing display problems.
To use the VA-2H EDID Designer you must:
Download and install the USB driver (see section 6.1)
Download and install the EDID Designer software (see section 6.2)
You can then use the EDID Designer (see section 6.3).
6.1 Installing the USB Driver
Note: Currently the driver only works on 32-bit systems.
To install the VA-2H USB driver, do the following:
This procedure illustrates the installation on Windows® XP.
1. Navigate to the Kramer Web site, search for the product VA-2H and click the
Downloads tab. The following screen appears:
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