8 VA-2H - Operating the VA-2H
5 Operating the VA-2H
You can operate the VA-2H in two ways, from the:
Front panel (see Section 5.1
EDID Designer (see
Section 5.2
5.1 Operating from the Front Panel
You can operate the VA-2H from the front panel as follows:
1. Press and hold the SELECT button, for 3 seconds, to cycle through the
EDID options:
2. Press the SELECT button to select the desired EDID option:
When MONITOR is selected, the MONITOR LED illuminates and the
EDID from the display is routed to the input port
When DEFAULT is selected, the DEFAULT LED illuminates and the
default EDID is routed to the input port
When USER is selected, the USER LED illuminates and the user EDID
is routed to the input port. The user EDID can be created and modified
using the EDID Designer (see Section 5.2
5.2 Operating from the EDID Designer
The EDID designer application software can be used to manipulate the EDID data.
To operate the VA-2H from the EDID Designer, navigate to Command > Set
Device Mode and choose the mode: OUTPUT, DEFAULT or USER.
For a full description of how to setup and use the EDID Designer, see Section 6
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