DLP Projector – User’s Manual
1. Avoid using the projector with bright fluorescent lighting turned on. Certain high-frequency fluo-
rescent lights can disrupt remote control operation.
2. Be sure nothing obstructs the path between the remote control and the projector. If the path be-
tween the remote control and the projector is obstructed, you can bounce the signal off certain
reflective surfaces such as projector screens.
3. The buttons and keys on the projector have the same functions as the corresponding buttons on
the remote control. This user’s manual describes the functions based on the remote control.
Remote Control Operating Range
The remote control uses infrared transmission to control the projector. It is not necessary to point the
remote directly at the projector. Provided you are not holding the remote perpendicular to the sides or
the rear of the projector, the remote will function well within a radius of about 7 meters (23 feet) and
15 degrees above or below the projector level. If the projector does not respond to the remote control,
move a little closer.
Projector and Remote Control Buttons
The projector can be operated using the remote control or the buttons on the top of the projector. All
operations can be carried out with the remote control; however, the buttons on the projector are lim-
ited in use.
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