WP-110xl - Overview
3 Overview
The WP-110xl is a high-performance, twisted pair (TP) transmitter for computer
graphics signals over extended distances using CAT 5/6 cable. The transmitter
can be connected to compatible receivers, such as, the PT-120xl, TP-122xl and
the TP-126xl, (for 250m range), or the PT-120, TP-120, TP-120-od, TP-122,
TP-122N, TP-122-od, TP-124, TP-124-od and the TP-124, (for 100m range).
The WP-110xl comes in three models: the WP-110xl 69mm US version and the
two WP-110xl 80/86mm European versions.
More specifically, the WP-110xl features:
Resolution up to WUXGA, 1080p
HDTV compatibility up to 1080p
Extended transmission range of up to 250m (820ft) with suitable devices
EDID Capture copies and stores the EDID from a display device
Increased level of protection against noise, spikes and interference in
adverse environments
3.1 Defining the WP-110xl UXGA/Data Line Transmitter
This section defines the WP-110xl.
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