WP-110xl - Connecting and Installing the WP-110xl
4.1 Grounding the Wall Plate
Grounding the WP-110xl is recommended. The grounding wire is connected to the
rear of the chassis of the unit. The grounding screw is used to earth the unit to the
ground of the building. This helps prevent static electricity from interfering with
product performance.
To connect the grounding to the WP-110xl as shown in Figure 3:
1. Crimp the ring-tongue terminal to the building grounding point wire.
(We recommend that you use a green-yellow #18 AWG wire (0.82mm2) crimped with a
proper hand-tool).
2. Insert the M3x6 screw through the toothed locking washers and the ring-
tongue terminal in the order shown in Figure 3.
3. Insert the M3x6 screw (with the two toothed lock washers and ring-tongue
terminal in place) into the grounding screw hole on the rear of the WP-110xl
and tighten the screw.
Figure 3: Ground Connection
M3x6 Screw
M3 Toothed lock washers
M3 Ring tongue terminal
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