FC-340S - Operating the FC-340S
3. Press Enter.
The Video Out options are displayed.
4. Using the up (▲) or down (▼) button, move through the Video Out options
until the flashing cursor is on Resolution.
5. Press Enter.
The Resolution options are displayed.
6. Using the up (▲) or down (▼) button, select the required output resolution.
7. Press Enter.
The selected output resolution is saved.
Note: The CV output follows the frame rate of the selected resolution. For 50Hz
resolutions the PAL standard is used, and for 59.94/60Hz resolutions NTSC is used.
6.2 Using the Menu
The menu is shown on the display when the Enter button is pressed. If there is no
button activity for approximately 30 seconds, display reverts back to the
Input/Output display.
Navigation through the menu is performed as follows:
Enterdisplay the menu or select a parameter/value
Up (▲) or Right (►)—scroll up through the parameter/value list
Down (▼) or Left (◄)—scroll down through the parameter/value list
ESCMove to the first level menu
The main menu comprises six sections:
Video Out (see Section 6.2.1)
Audio Out (see Section 6.2.2)
Status (see Section 6.2.3)
Comm Settings (see Section 6.2.4)
System (see Section 6.2.5)
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