RC-43SL - Overview
3 Overview
The RC-43SL is a highly versatile, all-in-one extended remote control panel for
control of AV equipmentespecially projectors and associated equipmentin any
room (such as classrooms, boardrooms, or auditoriums). It streamlines operations
and simplifies control by integrating audio, video, and computer-video sources into
a centralized system. It features a keypad with six touch-sensitive, backlit buttons.
Using the Kramer K-Config software, each button on the RC-43SL can be
programmed on the room controller with a function, where each function can
combine multiple individual actions.
The RC-43SL features:
6 touch-sensitive, backlit buttons with indicator LEDs
2 bidirectional RS-232 ports to control AV equipment such as projectors,
LCD and PDP displays, power amplifiers, switchers and scalers
3 relay contact closure ports for controlling other room items such as raising
and lowering drapes, the screen or the projector.
IR control - 2 outputs (terminals blocks), 1 sensor
IR learning with one sensor that learns commands from any IR remote
A K-NET™ control channel for connecting compatible user interfaces and
supplying power and control data over a single cable
A USB port for loading device firmware
Configures with K-Config software
Compatibility with Kramer Site-CTRL™ software for network remote control
and management over the Ethernet port
1 gang US wall plate size
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