RC-43SL - Connecting the RC-43SL
4.3 Connecting the Ethernet Port
The Ethernet connection of the RC-43SL allows you to perform all control functions
of the RC-43SL over the Internet using a PC running the Kramer Site-CTRL control
To connect the RC-43SL to a network:
1. Connect the Ethernet port of the RC-43SL to the Ethernet port on a network
hub or network router, via a straight cable with RJ-45 connectors.
2. Over the network, connect to a PC running Site-CTRL.
After connecting the Ethernet port, you have to install and configure it. For detailed
instructions on how to install and configure your Ethernet port, see the K-Config
Configuration Guide available for download at the Kramer Web site:
4.4 Installing the Front Panel Buttons
The RC-43SL is supplied with preprinted buttons from which you can choose the
six that best represent the functions you wish to assign the buttons.
To install the front panel buttons:
1. Remove the cover plate by carefully prying it away from the printed circuit
board (PCB) frame using a small screwdriver being careful not to damage it.
2. Remove the stock buttons from the front panel.
3. Insert the buttons into the front panel taking care to ensure that they are
oriented correctly.
4. Place the PCB and frame onto the front panel ensuring that the mounting
orientation tongue is in line with the cutout on the front panel.
5. Press the front panel and PCB frame together securely.
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