RC-43SL - Connecting the RC-43SL
4 Connecting the RC-43SL
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to
your RC-43SL. After connecting your RC-43SL, connect its power
and then switch on the power to each device.
You do not have to connect all the inputs and outputs, connect only
those that are required.
Do not connect the power to the unit until after the front plate is
To connect the RC-43SL as illustrated in the example in Figure 2:
1. Connect the RELAY terminal block connectors as follows:
Connect RELAY 1 and 2 to blinds
Connect RELAY 3 to a screen
2. Connect the IR outputs as follows:
Connect IR OUTPUT 1 to DVD player 1
Connect IR OUTPUT 2 to DVD player 2
3. Connect the RS-232 ports as follows:
Connect RS-232 port 1 to a projector
Connect RS-232 port 2 to a display
4. Connect the Ethernet port to a network.
5. Connect the K-NET port to any RC device (in this example, an RC-63D)
over K-NET.
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